Why Brainhunt

At Brainhunt, we have designed a system and process which leads to quality output for clients and candidates. Our scope of work involves the following methodology:


We first understand the client's need with regard to it's present business, culture, environment, organizational structure and future growth plans.

Mapping requirement specific competencies

We then map all requirement-specific competencies, such as designation, principal accountabilities, KRAs, experience, qualification, reporting structure, compensation, preferred target sectors and companies.


Aligned with job profile, our team devises a search strategy to effectively target the desired candidates.

Search prospective candidates

Once the list of target industries or organizations is agreed upon, we use our sources and networks along with our database to search prospective candidates

Evaluation summaries

After mapping ,we send the detailed resumes and evaluation summaries of the short-listed candidates to the client and facilitate the interview process.

Discussions with candidates

We conduct extensive discussions with candidates prior to client interview to help them prepare meet client expectations.

Compensation Calculation

We play an important role in compensation calculation and candidate's negotiations for offer closures. Post selection, we get complete CTC details of candidates, study, discuss, seek all clarifications and then forward it to client with valuable inputs and comments. This cuts down cycle time significantly.

Reference check

We also conduct a thorough reference check of the candidate,the client wishes to hire.

Post joining follow-up

Our team does follow-up with candidates for 3-6 months in order to ensure smooth transition. We also address grievances of the candidates to client during this process.